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Creating Excellence Through People

It's simple as
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    Understanding your Business
    Understanding your business culture and what drives your success is a crucial element in the recruitment process. We place a high level of importance on gaining an in-depth insight into your business as well as what motivates our applicants.
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    Job Seeker Database
    We are well connected with many job seekers, including ‘receptive talent’ not available on the open market. We have Exclusive Rights to job seekers within niche markets
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    Headhunting and Targeted Advertizing
    We target skilled candidate’s that are within Specialist Industries and were there is a Skills shortage. Matching candidate’s personal attributes and motivators to the success drivers and culture of your business. The ideal candidate for a particular type of job may vary from one company to the next and this difference is often around organisational fit. Clear, concise targeted communications are key for reaching your customer.
  1. Kandhi Consulting ensures that consultant stays ahead of market trends and the latest technology to ensure that they are successful in reaching the right talent. Kandhi Consulting take pride on Quality Delivery of candidates within their chosen profession and this has been at the forefront of their goal and are proud of their achievements of being able to keep a 100% repeat business in all the years with clients. Kandhi consulting client portfolio ranges from Global FMCG and Manufacturing companies, Multi National Pharmaceutical, IT and Market Research companies. Kandhi Consulting has access to an Executive National and International Database, Search tool that allows to partner with candidates anywere in the World therefore allowing the consultants to provide recruitment services throughout South Africa and Internationally